Citizens Charter

Vision :

To promote the culture, religious values and heritage monuments of Uttar Pradesh such that it can emerge out as a major tourist spot in India which would facilitate encouragement of the cultural values and tourism products of Uttar Pradesh at national and international level enhancing employment and sustainable development.

Mission :

  • To make tourism of Uttar Pradesh the core competency sector that could enhance employment and economic growth.
  • To enhance and maintain the competitiveness of Uttar Pradesh’s tourism product.
  • To attract tourists from all parts of the world, making Uttar Pradesh a prominent tourist hub of India.
  • To improve the existing tourism product and modifying it to meet market requirements.
  • To preserve and promote heritage places in Uttar Pradesh.
  • To preserve and promote hidden treasures of Uttar Pradesh.
  • To expand human resource base in Hospitality and Tourism Sector of Uttar Pradesh.
  • To develop new circuits for tourists and reorganize old popular circuits for travellers.
  • To develop alternative tourism.
  • To offer affordable, clean and visitor friendly services to all tourists i.e. travelling, lodging, fooding and entertainment.
  • To provide adequate information related to major tourist spots in Uttar Pradesh.
  • To attract tourist by organizing various cultural events and festivals that depict the true essence of Uttar Pradesh.

Commitment :

We are committed to develop Uttar Pradesh into exclusive high quality tourist destination through maximum and effective utilization of the resources available in Uttar Pradesh. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh Tourism is also committed to preserve and promote the heritage and cultural values in the State, enhancing the productivity and income, creating employment opportunities and improving poverty, thereby making tourism the most important sector for the socio-economic development of the State.

  • We are responsible for providing all the latest information to tourists related to tourist centres, reservation tariff, latest events etc. This is mainly done through our various information centres, situated inside and outside Uttar Pradesh, as well as through our official website and from our headquarter.
  • Providing adequate infrastructural facilities at tourist destinations.
  • Providing adequate Air, Rail and Road transport facilities to tourists for helping them in traversing the tourist spots of U.P in a comfortable manner.
  • Facilitating availability of hotels for proper lodging to tourists.
  • To keep Heritage places preserved and culturally intact.
  • Apart from the Directorate, we have Regional Offices at various destinations of Uttar Pradesh. An enquiry counter is set up at the Directorate of tourism with facilities to issue printed forms and receive various applications and complaints. Customers can get the numbers from "Contact us" page of official website of Uttar Pradesh Tourism.
  • Your requests/suggestions/complaints shall be received at the enquiry counter attached to the Directorate and Regional Offices. Receipts shall be issued for all applications received.
  • In case of any complaint or request not properly handled or processed, you are welcome to approach the officer designated for the purpose.
  • We follow the ‘queue’ system for dealing with requests and applications and strictly follow it while disposing applications for various services.

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