• Lord Bahubali Temple

Lord Bahubali Temple


Special importance has been given to Lord Bahubali in Jain religion, who is the son of founder of Jain religion and first Teerthankar Lord Rishabh

After achieving victory in non-violence controversy done against his brother “Bharat”, Lord Bahubali willingly attained salvation and became a Jain Monk. After that he did austerity in “Kyotsarg” way relentlessly for a year. Meanwhile, he achieved “Kevalgyan” and received “Arihant”.

According to Jain religious epic Lord Bahubali attained Moksha and Substantiation.

This statue of lord Bahubali is installed in the premises of magnificent temple established by noble minded Lt. Seth Chhadamilal at holy center of “Jain Nagar” in Suhag Nagari, Firozabad. This statue of lord Bahubali is the biggest in North-India. The dimension of this statue is 45 x 12 foot and weight is more than 3500 ton. This statue is made up of granite with special feature.

Beside Lord Bahubali temple, many Jain religious spots are also being operated in Firozabad. Beside this, Firozabad is also famous for bangle and mirror businesses.