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Agra Heritage Walk

The Heritage Walk in Agra has the options of either the Mughal Walk or the Colonial Walk.

In the Mughal Walk, the visitor can see monuments which are rich in architectural heritage, walk through the lanes and by-lanes where handicraft items are made, and get a feel of the traditions, culture of region with its people through the traditional welcome, local folk dance and play.

The Colonial Walk aims at apprising the visitor of the city’s colonial architecture and heritage monuments. The walk takes you through the Agra Cantonment, St George's Cathedral, Havelock Memorial Church, St. Mary's Church and some other buildings.

Beyond The Taj

To experience the scenic beauty around the Taj along with lesser known precincts of this beautiful monument, one has to take a walk from Shilpgram, the eastern parking of Taj Mahal, which leads you to the Kali Masjid the tomb of a mughal queen who loved cats then garden of a business man who used to be an owner of most of the land in Agra, Dargah of the Saint Ahmd Bukhari who is believed to be the guardian of the Taj Mahal and the gate Hathi Khana, it was built for elephants and the horses. Total walk distance would be around 2.5 km.

City Heritage Walk

The Walk begins from the gigantic Jama Maszid, where you are brought in a Decorated Horse Cart (Mughal Tonga) from the parking area of the Agra Fort. You are requested to disembark from your Tonga at the Jama Maszid (Friday Mosque), so that you can mingle in the crowds & begin to experience downtown Agra, walking on your foot, further to the Silver Lingam of Mankameshwar Mahadev (The Shiva Temple), proceeding into narrow lanes selling articles & wares used for adornment of images of Gods & Goddesses, looking at Ornamental & Decorated Facades of old houses & havelies, in the spice Market of Rawat Para & entering into the famous Khoya Gali. Our walk proceeds into the Namak Ki Mandi, where artisans beat Gold & Silver to make Foils of Gold & Silver for medicinal use in Ayurveda & brings us in front of Akbari Mosque to connect to the 16th Century stone paved Street of Kinari Bazar. Total Walk distance would be around 2.00 km.

Muhgal Heritage Walk (opposite Taj Mahal)

Tourist Village Kachhpura offers a Mughal Heritage Walk with an experience of the Mughal era with its “NATURAL AND RUSTIC SETTING” view of rare “Rich ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE” and feel of the “LIVING TRADITIONS”. The youth form the community, trained as tour facilitator, provide both historical facts and anecdotes. Experience the Kachhpura tourist village and explore some lesser known monuments like Mehtab bagh, Gyarah Sidi, Hanuman mosque in the shadow of world heritage sites Taj Mahal and Agra fort. Total walk distance would be around 3.00km.

The Colonial Walk

Agra is not just about the Taj and other Mughal monuments, it’s also a treasure house of colonial structures from the days of the British Raj. The Colonial Walk aims to raise the awareness of the visitors, about the city’s Colonial architecture and heritage monuments, personalized, educative and imaginative, the walking tours highlight the vast range of architectural styles, planning elements and ornamental details, tracing the social and cultural history of the city. Such attractions are Bungalows of cantonments George’s Cathedral, Havelock Memorial Church Post Office St. Mary’s Church, Queen Empress Mary Library, Telegraph Office Sadar Bazar, Mother Teresa orphanage etc. This walk will need vehicle ad it’s a long walk, total walk distance would be around 12 km.