• Agra-Braj Circuit

Agra-Braj Circuit

tomb of akbar the great

Agra-Braj Circuit

  • This ancient land is an integral part of the life of Lord Krishna.
  • Melody, harmony and art reign supreme in this region steeped in history and legends.
  • A visit to the temples and monuments in Braj is a trip straight into history.
  • It is also the seat of the erstwhile great empire of the Mughal kings.


  • Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal and capital of the erstwhile Mughal empire.
  • The marble monument is a picture straight out of a colourful history book.
  • Get wonder-struck at the awesome architecture of the Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.
  • Take a memorable walk through the gardens, the lanes where art and craft takes shape of the buzzing bazaars.
  • Almost next door to New Delhi, Agra is a must-do for all those who are seeking to revisit history.


  • Mathura and Vrindavan are the fabled twin cities of Braj Bhumi.
  • Amidst the mesmerizing temples, music, art and dances, the legend of Lord Krishna comes alive every day.
  • Charkula dance, Raasleela and the renowned Mathura Museum will keep you asking for more.


  • This is the place where Lord Krishna played his flute and performed leelas.
  • It is immortalised in the poems of Meerabai, Surdas and Vallabhacharya.
  • The Rangaji temple, an amalgam of Rajput and South Indian architecture, is the largest temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • The Bankey Bihari temple, Radha Madhav temple and ISKCON temple are some of the examples of great architecture.