• Pilibhit Tiger Reserve

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve


Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is located in Pilibhit district, Lakhimpur Kheri District and Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh The Pilibhit Tiger Reserve is one of the finest examples of the exceedingly diverse and productive Terai eco¬systems. Pilibhit Tiger Reserve was declared in September 2008 on the basis of its special type of ecosystem with vast open spaces and sufficient feed for the elegant predators.It is India’s 45th Tiger Reserve Project. The northern edge of the reserve lies along the Indo¬-Nepal border while the southern boundary is marked by the river Sharada and Khakra. The study done by Wildlife Institute of India (WII) shows that Dudhwa-Pilibhit population has high conservation value as it represents the only tiger population with the ecological and behavioral adaptations of the tiger unique to the Tarai region. It is home to a habitat for over 127 animals, 326 bird species and 2,100 flowering plants. It is a mosaic of high sal forests, plantation and grasslands with several water bodies. The jungles are home to a myriad of wild animals including the endangered tiger, swamp deer, Bengal florican, hog deer, leopard, etc. The large carnivores are supported by a very large prey base consisting of cheetal, sambar, wild boar, hog deer, swamp deer, blue bull, etc. The bird life is very rich and diverse and hundreds of species of birds can be seen round. The Chuka Interpretation Zones with nature interpretation center, cottages & edge of huge water body is unique & very popular with visitors.

Pilibhit Tiger Reserve


Nearly 1300 birds found in the Indian subcontinent over 326 species can be seen in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve these include red jungle fowl, hornbill, pea fowl. Fish eagle, serpent eagle emerald dove, black neck stork, wooly neck stork, drongo, night jar, green pigeon, spotted owl, jungle babbler, black francolin, fish owl, cormorant, snack bird etc


The unusally calm forest at times echoes with the alarm call of a cheetal (Spotted deer) or langur. This alert all the inhabitants of the forest the presence of the King¬ The tiger, an illusive animal the presence of which can be felt by the pug marks, scratch marks and scat. This majestic animal when sighted in its natural surrounding is a moment to cherish forever. Many other species of animals the leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, swamp deer, spotted deer, hog deer, barking deer, sambar, porcupine, civets, python, monitor lizard etc lives in Pilibhit Tiger Reserve and play equally important role in its ecology. Some critically endangered species such as hispid hare, otter, pangolin, Bengal florican. Indian vulture also find a home here.