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Wildlife/ Eco-Tourism Sites

Eco-tourism Sites

Uttar Pradesh, with its 16620 sq km forest area, is home to some exquisitely beautiful landscapes, forest-vistas, meandering rivers, wildlife, flora and fauna.

Several initiatives have been taken to promote Eco Tourism in Uttar Pradesh.

Bird sanctuaries :

There are several bird sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh where a wide variety of migratory birds from the northern hemisphere arrive during the winter season.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary

It is located midway on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway, with a huge lake and a vast green expanse. It is known to host Siberian cranes among scores of migratory bird species that rest here during the winter months. This wetland is also home to hundreds of Indian and migratory birds. The sanctuary also houses a deer park, watchtowers and boats.

Hastinapur Bird Sanctuary

It is situated on the bank of the Ganga near Meerut. It is unique for its variety of landscape and habitat types such as wetlands, marshes, dry sand beds, and gently sloping ravines called Khola. The sanctuary spreads over the districts of Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Ghaziabad and Amroha. It abounds in leopard, hyena, nilgai, cheetal and sambhar.

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

It is a sanctuary near Agra that is home to nearly two dozen type of migratory and resident birds. There is a big lake and many man-made islands that add to the beauty of this sanctuary.

Other wildlife and bird sanctuaries situated amid forest land are :

  • Ranipur Sanctuary (Banda)
  • Kaimoor Sanctuary (Mirzapur)
  • Samaspur Sanctuary (Raebareli)
  • Suraha Tal Sanctuary (Ballia)
  • Patna Sanctuary (Etah)

For more details see : www.upecotourism.in

Eco-tourism Sites