• Dewa Sharif

Dewa Sharif


A living example of Hindu - Muslim unity, Dewa Sharif is a religious place which enshrines the tomb of Syed Haji Waris Ali Shah. During the months of October and November the Dewa Mela is held which attracts thousands of devotees from all around.

Dewa Sharif is a famous pilgrimage town about 25 km from Lucknow in Barabanki district. It is the seat of renowned shrine of Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah, an exponent of universal brotherhood and has a special place in the history of Awadh. Haji Waris Ali Shah commanded mystical powers and revered by members of all communities. His father Qurban Ali Shah too was a Sufi Saint. Devotees from far off places visit their "Mazars", popularly known as Dewa Sharif.

  • A splendid monument stands in his memory in Dewa which is visited by his followers in large numbers throughout the year. On the occasion of the annual Urs, a 10 days fair is held here in the month of October-November every year known as Dewa Mela to commemorate the saint. It includes an all India Mushaira, Kavi Sammelan, music performances etc.
  • The place also offers a good range of handicrafts for the tourists. A brilliant display of fireworks marks the conclusion of the fair. An annual fair in November is a perfect example of universal brotherhood.