• Shringverpur



Shringverpur is a place 45 km from Prayagraj on Lucknow road. According to local folklore, it was at this place that Rama crossed the river Ganges on his way to exile along with Sita and Lakshmana.

Shringverpur is a must visit excursion destination around Prayagraj. The place is located 40 odd kilometers from Prayagraj. Shringverpur is an otherwise sleepy village that is gaining prominence slowly and steadily. Though, the place has been mentioned at length in the epic Ramayana. Shringverpur is mentioned as the capital of the famous kingdom of Nishadraj or the ‘King of Fishermen’. The excavation works that were carried out in Shringverpur have revealed a temple of Shringi Rishi. It is widely believed that the city got its name from that sage itself. Nevertheless, the village is more famous as the capital of Nishadraja. Ramayana mentions that Lord Rama, his brother Lakshman and consort Sita stayed for a night in the village before going to the forest on exile. It is said boatmen refused to let them cross the river. Nishadraj himself visited the site where Lord Rama was putting in to resolve the issue. He offered to give them way if Lord Rama let him wash his feet. The permission was granted and it is mentioned that Nishadraj washed the feet of Rama with the water of Ganges and drank it to show his reverence towards him. The place where Nishadraja washed Ram’s feet has been marked by a platform. It has been named ‘Ramchura’ in order to suffice the incident. There is a small temple too that is built on the site. Though the temple doesn’t have any historical or cultural value attached to it, the place itself is very serene.